Saturday, March 18, 2017

Backyard Critters

The Young Naturalist conducted two events on March 17th and 18th. 

One at the Manlius YMCA on March 17th and the other at the Manlius Library on Saturday March 18th

Participants saw slideshow illustrating the different critters that could be found in the soil. They then made field guides that would help them identify any insects that they found in the soil. Discussed how dirt is different from soil. Soil was brought inside and participants sifted through it to find multiple critters both young and mature. Earthworms, millipedes (young and mature), isopods, earwig and snails. After some time of digging, participants completed a checklist of all of the insects they saw, including the number of each and observations. Participants at the Manlius Library enjoyed Worms and Dirt pudding as a snack and were able to take home a crossword puzzle and word search. 6 kids participated. At the Manlius Y, though their was no pudding and worms , they did get to act out how they thought the bugs would move and act.

Backyard Critters - Click here to see Slide Show on some critter

1) Word Search
2) Crossword
3) Field Guide -

See Short Video Clip on Worms