Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Young Naturalist - Birds - Manlius Library - 1-3 pm,  April 30th. 
  1. Introduction  - anticipation guide.
  2. Why are Birds important
  3. Powerpoint on Interesting Facts about Birds
  4. How do you identify birds (visuals, calls, habitats, behavior)   Video Clip (Cornell)
  5.   Common Birds in the Area  - view them, and then try to identify their calls. 
  6.  Inside a  Blue Bird House - watch video, 
  7.  Watch bird cams. (Cornell)
  8.   Closure - Where to see birds /   ebird/ hotspots
    1.   Bird Sighting / checklist. 
    2.   Upcoming Events, Derby Hill, etc. 

Resources for Learning About Birds

Birding Field Checklist for Region 5
All About Birds 
Bird Cams
Wood Ducks and Stamps - Story

NYS - About Blue Birds
Building an Eastern Blue Bird Nesting Box

Great Horned Owl - info

Educational Information - Cornell

Bats info
Bat Game

see photos from summer.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Salt and Syracuse.

Internet Resources

1) Stream Tracer

2) New York State Watersheds - map

   Onondaga County Watershed Maps

3) Onondaga County Fishing Website - shows what fish can be caught  , and locations available to public

    1)  Butternut Creek

    2)  Chittenango Creek

   3)   Limestone Creek 

Trout in these streams include:  Brook, Brown and Rainbow.


Video Resources 

1)  C-Span History of Syracuse and Salt (1st 15 min of 1.20 minute video

2) Syracuse.Com  History of Syracuse and Salt  (5 min

Book Resources


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Upcoming Events

February 24th  - Fowler Science Fair .

March 4th  ESM Elementary Science FairThe Science Fair Committee is in need of about eight or nine more judges to judge the Science Fair on March 4th. Anyone can judge (think student teachers, retired friends and family, etc.) and it will only be for a couple of hours that morning.

March 17 (?)  Manlius Library - Young Naturalist Program -  Salt? What is it, History and its impact on our streams .

April  (?)   Manlius Library - Young Naturalist Program  - Birds and Bats.

CNY Naturalist Update

 The CNY Naturalist Website is currently in process of being updated.

Events from 2015 are currently in the process of being published based on project reports.  2 reports still needed to be added which will document the September  and October events.

 Resources used for the projects will be added.