Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Session 1

Date: July 8th 2015
Time:  1:00pm- 2:00pm (approximately)
Location: Manlius Library

            Today was the first day of the Naturalist Program and was without a doubt a huge success! There were several technological glitches that set us back on some time, but not a second was wasted- as during that period the kids were taken through the topographic maps of the area and once the problem was fixed we transitioned back to our set agenda for the day.  In the beginning of the hour we began with a brief PowerPoint presentation that introduced the kids to just what a watershed is, why it is important, and how different land use practices affect the quality of our water. The PowerPoint was filled with pictures that were taken from the Manlius area- something that the kids loved, as they would get quite excited when they saw places they recognized. We then continued on to ac clip of a video of Dr. Seuss’s story of “Mcinttrys Pool,” a fun way to gives the kids an idea of just how far there water can go. Next we say a powerful minute clip of Water PSA with Jennifer Connley, followed by the Onondaga Lake Watershed video. All of these clips were used to get the kids to really think about the importance of clean water and how they are connected to it all. After the videos we went right into our activity- the puzzle challenge! One of the topographic maps was created into a puzzle, which was then divided into four sections, each section was given to a group, and from there the kids raced to see who could assemble their section the fastest. This was a great activity for the kids to work together and to really take a closer look at all the detail that is present in a topographic map (i.e. how the streams are flowing, where the roads are going, how the contour lines are connected, etc). Throughout the entire hour period the kids were engaged and eager to participate as they seemed thrilled to be learning all of this information about an area they live in and can go out and see exactly what we are talking about.

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